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1984 Essay, Research Paper

Government and Power

Shortly before the birth of Christ, a group of people emerged to form a power that would be the authority of their empire. These people were the Romans. The Romans were probably the first group of people who had an

organized government. Nearly two thousand years later every country in

this world has some form of modern government. Some forms of

government today are the American Democracy, the Monarchy of England

and Communism of Cuba. In the novel 1984 there is one ruler who controls

the world.

In most countries today the government is for the people. These

governments are known as democracys. There are several branches of

government within a democracy that hold seperate powers. Branches in a

democracy are Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. Each of these serve

different purposes. Unlike like the government of today, the government in

the novel 1984 by George Orwell resembles a dictatorship instead of a

democracy. Big Brother plays the role of a dictator and his world is dark

and corrupt. People. Order is carried out by the Thought Police, who

moniter the people. The Thought Police makes sure people aren?t thinking

thoughts that oppose Big Brother. In today?s world Police make sure people

dont break laws. As citizens of a country people have rights. In 1984

people do not have rights.

In a government there are laws. Laws serve to protect people and

they also control people?s actions. The laws in 1984 do not protect the

people but do control their actions. The Thought Police carry out the laws in

1984. For example a person cannot think thoughts that are against Big

Brother. If someone does this they will be taken in custody. Opposite to

1984, a person in the United States has rights that allow them freedom of

expression and belief. Also it allows them to have fair and equal treatment

before the law. In 1984 the people do not possess any of these rights and

are constantly being watched over by the government.

In conclusion the government in 1984 and the government of today?s

times are very different. There are many factors that make them very

diverse from each other. The laws are inequal. Democratic government are

made for the people. The dictatorship government of 1984 is against the

people not for the people.