1984 The End Of Time Essay Research

1984: The End Of Time Essay, Research Paper

This date stands as a prediction, as a warning. Now, we know things didn?t exactly happen as they were detailed, can?t we give another meaning to the title, is it not just ironical? Orwell was definitely aware that this date would not be accurate, that this could not just be considered as a deadline, but a warning to open our criticism and vigilance, this title is nonsensical, you have to transcend the date to come to new questions, did it really need to be dated, as Orwell knew this would not be accurate, is it not a sign? It occurs through a study of the book that dates and time are a great theme in 1984, but not to show as time matters in development ,ageing or human predicament, but how it can be stopped, how time can be stopped to make human history and evolution forgotten.

Various philosophical notions are to be considered to study the question: time, what it is and implies, what is needed to be aware of it. How can things like dating modify and intervene in your opinion ? How important is it to build human conscience? How are these elements treated through the book? Is not time essential to human conscience? Was Winston?s reaction to the system bound to fail through time aspects? Is sex important as a way to human conscience, has it got anything to do with time? What is the point in remembering ? How can language interfere on time and evolution? Is the novel a real depicting of an end to time, can language, therefore criticism rebirth from nowhere? What is the weight of religion in such events? How can the world keep turning if time stops?